Our boarding arrangement includes daily care of your horse, feeding
high quality grain and hay, supplements as requested, medication,
turn-out and stall cleaning.  Additional services are provided as
needed, such as clipping, braiding, etc.  Horses on training board are
in a full-care program, which includes, daily grooming, bathing, and
hoof care, in addition to being ridden 5-6 days per week.  On request,
we provide magnetic blanket and hoof pad applications.  Most of our
horses are either on training board or receive professional training one
or more days a week.  This is our recommendation to maintain a
competitive level of proficiency at the horse shows.


We offer a lesson program for students who are interested in learning
the basics of riding in the hopes of one day owning or leasing a horse.  
Our lease options are varied and arranged on in individual basis.  We
run 2 horse shows on the property annually to introduce this
competitive element to our lesson students.
We offer group, semi-private, and individual instruction at varying
prices.  Our riders take from 1 to 3 lessons per week.  
Prices for all services are available upon request.
Our Services